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By Dougal Dixon, Neil Clark, William Lindsay, Sue Grabham

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Forward-pointing pubis Backwardpointing ischium Knee joint Ischium Pubis Ankle joint Long, slender legs HIPBONE The name saurischian means “lizard-hipped,” and saurischian dinosaurs were so called because their hipbones were like those of lizards. This means that the pubis bone pointed forward, while the ischium bone pointed backward.

It was about 10 ft (3 m) long and ate other small reptiles. FACTS • The earliest dinosaurs have come from Triassic period rocks. • Mammals were around at the same time as the dinosaurs. • The earliest dinosaurs were all carnivores. • The first herbivores appeared in the late Triassic period. Long and narrow head Scaly skin typical of reptiles HERRERASAURUS Sharp teeth EARLY CARNIVORE Herrerasaurus lived about 230 million years ago. It had many features in common with later carnivorous dinosaurs, such as sharp teeth and claws, and strong back legs.

39 INTRODUCTION More about limbs Long rear leg The shape of a dinosaur’s feet depended on whether it walked on two or four legs. Four-legged dinosaurs had similar front and rear feet, spreading their weight on hooflike toes. Two-legged dinosaurs could use their front feet like hands, grasping at prey or holding plant food. Stout front leg Hoof-shaped claw Widely spaced toes STOUT LIMBS Widely spaced toes and thick, stout limb bones helped Triceratops spread the weight of its massive body. The shorter forelimbs carried the weight of Triceratops’ huge head.

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