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6. Don't waste too much time on the issue. Data is only as good as your last backup. Figure out how the cost benefit of trying to bring the drive back to life and just getting a new drive. ” From: Pahl Jeff TSgt AFMIA/MISO For FAT file systems. 1st boot from floppy and try to access C:. If that doesn't work, run Fdisk /MBR. Sometimes replacing the master boot record will fix a non-booting drive. From:Matthew Harvey Had this happen last year. Tried running the drive as a slave in another machine (could be the controller, you know) but that didn't do the trick.

Obvious checks are: • Make sure all the cables are properly and firmly attached. • You might want to swap out the ribbon cable and/or change it to the secondary controller connection. • Pull the power plug off it and plug in a different plug. Can you hear the hard drive spin up? • If you (were smart enough and) brought along a different hard drive, does the machine recognize THAT hard drive? Does it spin it up? Does it start it? Assuming all of the above is intact and you've narrowed the problem down to that ONE particular hard drive as having the problem (and that ONE hard drive DOES spin up), I'll tackle it from the perspective that the machine was running either Win95 or Win98 (the steps for both are similar).

Lucky you! • Back it up pronto. there is a utility available called NTFSDos. it's an invaluable resource for NT techs. It allows you to boot from a DOS floppy and see the NTFS partitions from the command prompt. You can then copy or backup necessary files prior to a re-format. chances are it's going to stay that way but I haven't come across too many drives I couldn't re-animate. :-) From: Jamey Copeland Make sure the drive's data ribbon cable is connected securely at both the drive and the controller.

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