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N. I see NATO planes patrolling our skies. N. N. ” I see global government being empowered, and a takeover of the Middle East and Central Asia by the West. I see great dividends for them by allowing this to happen. DS: I hope you are wrong. I do. But I can’t fight with you or argue with you on it, because it does seem to be heading that way. AJ: For trying to protect their country, the heroes get crucified. ” They have all the tools in the world. They could have found the money years ago, if they had just listened.

The biggest: that it may have been John Doe 32 Number 2, not Timothy McVeigh, who detonated the bomb. Brad Edwards has the latest in this exclusive NewsChannel report. Brad Edwards: “Our new information comes directly from a source that has seen parts of those surveillance tapes. It also comes from reports now in the Los Angeles Times. But perhaps the biggest surprise is contained in the NewsChannel’s own information. Timothy McVeigh was not the last person to leave the Ryder truck. In fact, another person sat inside the cab of the truck after McVeigh got out.

So, every time an American president needs a distraction overseas, a ship or an embassy gets blown up. S. Cole, while docked at the port of Aden in Yemen, was attacked. Seventeen Americans were killed, and thirty-nine wounded—sacrificed yet again on the altar of globalism. For examples of this, look at Bill Clinton’s Presidency. Every time Bill Clinton was in trouble an embassy, a ship, a barracks would suddenly blow up, just like the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The CIA asset bin Laden was delivering time and time again, and Bill Clinton was there, protecting him, refusing to take files from foreign countries like Sudan, Iraq, and Afghanistan that indicated where Al-Qaeda was in the world, where they were active -- even in the continental United States.

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