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By Dr. Max and David Hooper Euwe

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J z0 a""""Q1. Black mnnot get his pawn to the fifth i t~ithoutpermitting Wtx~ee'sking to block . : it, 20.. RKtS 21. KQ2 BBS 22. KBI. See atso Example 161. ,. I I / II. 12, K x P B-Kt4 13. K 14. ,KI P-86 19. K 16. 8 t h i s , White's bishop m d his RP from the UR4. In the hFoHclrviog pl it from tte diagonal P itbout. 17 K--,K2 18 B--Kt4 148 M ~ r s h a l i v. Mnrco, Monte Chrln, 1904. Having two passed pawns against one pas& pawn, White cannot :iorm&llywin with knight against bishop, unless all the pawns are cIox together as in Exnrnplc 152.

KR4; but if 9. KKtB KtKt4. 7 ... K ,,,,,,,,,R4 Or 7 . . KtR3 ch. 8. KB6 KtU1 9. KB7 KtR2 10. KKI7 KrKt4 1 1 . K--Rth K l ,,,,K3 12. KrKl8 Ktfll ch. 13. KB7 K t R 2 14. KKt7 KtKt4 IS. KtH3 ch. KB5 I6. K K t t KtK3 17. KtQ7 KtKt4 18. KtK5 ReK3 19. KtR7. The method is the same, here, in the game, and as follows. 8 Kt,--Kt8 Kt-K3 ch. 9 g,,,,,-~7 ICt,,b,Kt4~ h . 10 K-B6 Kt---R2 cb. 1 and interrupting the circuit. From l:me to time White's knight guards thc pawn, thus making it possibfa for his King to rnovc frcxly, and to gain time wbifst avoiding harassment from thc black knight.

Kt xi'? 4 Kt-K2 P X Kt 4. K X P P--RS 5. P-K6 K--03 ( 5 ... PRh? 6. PK7 P1t7 7. If 4. KtB? PM ch. 5. KK3 KB3. PR8::::::Q8. ) 6. K-R6, when 4 P-B4 ch. both players queen. KtKt3 PBS 7 . Kt x P KB2 trap4 Rt,,-R4 K-K5 ping the knight. 6 ... PR5 is also good. 5 KKP P-I36 6 K B3 I 6 KtxP, 7 K-K3 The sacrifice of the piccc for a winning White w a ~ t sto answer the threatenetl , pawn-ending is a well known theme. PKtS by Ka4, firmly blocking thc After q m ~ i n Black g falls into a mating pawns with his king.

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