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By D. B. Stewart, D. G. Barber (auth.), Steven H. Ferguson, Lisa L. Loseto, Mark L. Mallory (eds.)

In Arctic Canada, Hudson Bay is a website of serious exploration heritage, aboriginal tradition, and an unlimited marine desert helping huge populations of marine mammals and birds. those comprise essentially the most iconic Arctic animals like beluga, narwhal, bowhead whales, and polar bears. as a result of the demanding situations of undertaking box examine during this quarter, a number of the mysteries of the place those animals stream, and the way they may be able to continue to exist in such probably inhospitable, ice-choked habitats are only now being unlocked. for instance, are polar bears being changed via killer whales? This new details couldn't be extra salient, because the Hudson Bay zone is present process speedy environmental swap as a result of international warming, in addition to elevated pressures from commercial improvement pursuits. rather less Arctic brings jointly a few of the world’s prime Arctic scientists to give the present country of data at the actual and organic features of Hudson Bay and particularly the ecology of marine flora and fauna to focus on what details is needed to higher comprehend and adapt to the alterations underway, and to forecast what's going to occur to marine natural world of this sizeable inland sea within the future.

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