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By A. Rendle Short, C. L. G. Pratt and C. C. N. Vass (Auth.)

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D. Living test-tube experiment. Tie off a length of the jugular vein of the horse. Blood does not clot. — It is generally accepted that prothrombase is activated by COAGULATION OF BLOOD 39 some substance in tissue extract, but nature of this substance is uncertain. —Prothrom- base is activated by kinase, or thrombokinase, a coenzyme derived from damaged tissues, in the same way as trypsinogen is activated by enterokinase. This reaction is greatly accelerated by the presence of Ca ions (though it does occur, slowly, without them).

Mm. of blood are added from a standard haemoglobin pipette, and CO gas is passed over the surface of the solution until it is saturated. The unknown solution is then diluted until it matches the standard solution when both tubes are held side by side facing a north light. The level of the fluid in the tube records the percentage in terms of the standard. b. SahWs method : Haemoglobin is converted to acid haematin by decinormal hydrochloric acid and matched against a standard acid haematin solution.

Lymph forms a medium for interchange between blood and cells, oxygen and nutrient material passing from blood via tissue fluids to cells, and tissue fluid receiving waste 46 THE LYMPH Function of Lymph, continued. products from the cells, some of which diffuse directly back into blood capillaries, others into lymph-vessels. 2. Lymph-vessels act as a drainage system, keeping the water content at a constant level. , with capillaries, cells, or lymph-vessels. Especially it drains off toxic matter and particulate foreign bodies.

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