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By Frederic Darbellay, Moira Cockell, Jerome Billotte, Francis Waldvogel

Through a chain of unique essays, this e-book unites a global workforce of well known researchers and educators round the subject matter of information discussion. Spanning issues from normal complexity to neuroscience, from schooling thought to weather switch, from immunology to archaelogy and human migrations, it permits an environment of confident feedback and permits the ambition to construct a brand new origin for the transdisciplinary method.

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The enormous neuronal plasticity manifested by the exercise of such functions exemplifies the principal that the human brain is not a predetermined system but rather has an innate capacity to be ever changing according to experience and interactions with psychological and social environments. The complexity of the brain has multiple levels of organization that range from the microstructure of proteins to cellular interactions, from the cell to the organ, from the organ to the macroscopic organism in From Brain Dynamics to Consciousness : How Matter Becomes Imagination 5 its totality.

Mitchell, M. (Eds) (1996) : “Adaptive individuals in evolving populations : models and algorithms”, Santa Fe Institute Studies in The Sciences of Complexity, vol. 26, Addison-Wesley. Blume, L. , Durlauf, S. N. (Eds) (2006) The Economy as an Evolving Complex System III : Current Perspectives and Future Directions, Oxford University Press. Brown, J. , West, G. , Enquist, B. J. (2000) Scaling in Biology : Patterns and Processes, Causes and Consequences, Oxford University Press. , Segel L. , (Eds) (2001) Design Principles for the Immune System and Other Distributed Autonomous Systems, Oxford University Press.

The focused questions that can be asked within this context are myriad ; what are the biological bases for the emergence of visual perception, sensory-motor activities, or higher consciousness of humans ? How does memory function ? How far is it possible to understand and explain consciousness by scientifically analyzing cerebral function ? Research on consciousness is progressing rapidly and in the process is already transcending the traditional divisions among biological, psychological and social sciences in order to link them within the new domain of cognitive science.

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