Paul A. Krieger's A Visual Analogy Guide to Human Anatomy & Physiology PDF

By Paul A. Krieger

A visible Analogy advisor to Human Anatomy and body structure by way of Paul A. Krieger makes use of visible analogies and different precise research instruments to help the scholar in studying information of human anatomy and body structure. This two-color ebook can be utilized along side any textbook. scholars can label diagrams, create their very own drawings or colour present black and white illustrations to raised comprehend the provided fabric.

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I Passed My Anatomy Test M = metaphase A = anaphase T = telophase 3. i. 4. 5. j. i. 6. 6. 37 CELLS—Structure and Function DNA Replication and Cell Division Description Because DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is THE genetic material, it has to be replicated in preparation for normal cell division so that a copy of it can be placed in each new daughter cell (see p. 36). This replication occurs during the S phase of the cell cycle. Structurally, DNA is a complex macromolecule located in the cell nucleus in a double helix form resembling an extremely tall spiral staircase.

Axillary Armpit 33. Thoracic Chest (thorax) 13. Mammary Breast 34. Vertebral Spinal column 14. Brachial Arm 35. Lumbar Lower back 15. Antecubital Front of arm 36. Olecranon Elbow 16. Abdominal Abdomen 37. Gluteal Buttock 17. Antebrachial Forearm 38. Manus Hand 18. Carpal Wrist 39. Perineal 19. Palmar Palm Region between the anus and the genitals 20. Digital Finger 40. Popliteal Back of knee Pelvis 41. Calcaneal Heel 21. Pelvic 18 LANGUAGE OF ANATOMY Regional Terms I hope these numbers wash off!

Room A (ICF Room B Protein channel Cell AFTER (more stable state) FACILITATED DIFFUSION • Carrier-mediated • Involves larger solute particles The driving force that causes diffusion is movement toward dynamic equilibrium or an equal concentration of solute particles on both sides of the cell membrane. In this sense, the solute particles are like a bunch of crowded guests at a party who all want their personal space. As they move from Room A to Room B, they tend to keep moving until they have maximized their personal space.

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