New PDF release: Acquiring Genomes. A Theory of the Origin of Species

By Lynn Margulis

From one of many nice iconoclasts of contemporary biology, Lynn Margulis, a groundbreaking new concept of the origins of species

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Is this not then competition? Is it not then a “struggle for existence”? Not really. When Darwin referred to struggle, he meant the tendency of all organisms to grow, to reproduce, and to attempt to leave their own descendants. He did not mean that God battles with angels or that fistfights ensue among the mistresses of the king. In the sense of the tendency of some but not all to leave offspring, Darwin’s proper term is natural selection. The “struggle” is the bald fact, a rule of all life, that biotic potential is never reached.

EBook ISBN: 9780786722600 1. Species. 2. Symbiogenesis. 3. Evolution (Biology). 4. Sagan, Dorion, 1959- II. Title. 1 Bacterial Origin of Nucleated Cells Any one whose disposition leads him to attach more weight to unexplained difficulties than to the explanation of a certain number of facts will certainly reject my theory. Charles Darwin The Origin of Species 1859 FOREWORD When I got my degree at the University of Berlin, almost eighty years ago, biology consisted of two branches, zoology and botany.

No whodunit could be more spellbinding than some of these cases of symbiogenesis. Given the authors’ dedication to their special field, it is not surprising that they sometimes arrive at interpretations others of us find arguable. Let the readers ignore those that are clearly in conflict with the findings of modern biology. Let him concentrate instead on the authors’ brilliant new interpretations and be thankful that they have called our attention to worlds of life that, despite their importance in the household of nature, are consistently neglected by most biologists.

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