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By Stephen Cheung

This article addresses the first environmental components affecting humans after they are workout and competing in recreation and offers evidence-based details with a variety of references.

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This neurotransmitter is of particular interest because it influences arousal levels: If 5-HT levels increase, that could contribute to the elevated perceived effort, as well as to the reduction in work rate or exhaustion (or both) often observed during hyperthermia. Certainly, animal work suggests that pharmaceutically altering 5-HT concentration in the rat brain, through the use of agonist or antagonist drugs, either impairs (5-HT agonist) or enhances (5-HT antagonist) endurance, while a 5-HT agonist 33 34 Advanced Environmental Exercise Physiology also impairs endurance performance in humans (Davis and Bailey 1997).

This removes the necessity of indirectly calculating the various components of radiative, conductive, convective, and evaporative heat exchange. A cycle ergometer is built into the calorimeter, and the heat from it is accounted for, permitting studies of both passive and active exposure to different temperatures and humidity levels. Metabolic heat production is calculated from the collection of expired air through the mouthpiece. 12 Fundamentals of Temperature Regulation Effects of Clothing The wearing of protective clothing can significantly alter evaporative heat transfer by impeding the movement of water vapor across the various layers, building a humid microenvironment and raising the water vapor pressure next to the skin.

5). One of the key empirical observations of this model is a “null zone” or “interthreshold zone” of thermal stability, wherein sweating (heat loss) and shivering (heat gain) effectors do not significantly act and vasomotor changes can maintain homeothermy. At the same time, very few normal situations (fever being an obvious exception) exist in which both occur simultaneously. Lastly, the model integrates homeothermy into a larger picture of whole-body physiological homeo­ stasis by assuming the ability of a variety of nonthermal factors to affect temperature control (Mekjavic and Eiken 2006).

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