Advanced Functions by Chris Kirkpatrick, Marian Small, Barbara Alldred PDF

By Chris Kirkpatrick, Marian Small, Barbara Alldred

Built for the ON Grade 12 complex features Curriculum MHF4U, Revised 2007. beneficial properties & advantages include:

• complete, digital model of the coed textual content on CD, in PDF format
• bankruptcy Openers with talents and idea Reviews
• Getting begun, together with assessment of key vocabulary, key innovations, and understandings
• Mid-Chapter and bankruptcy reports with commonly asked Questions
• a number of solved examples with causes combine the mathematical process
• wide selection of perform questions progressively expanding in difficulty
• pattern fulfillment Chart classification questions pointed out in each lesson
• precis of Key rules and ideas in each lesson
• know-how aid contains: TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, The Geometer's Sketchpad®, Spreadsheets, TI-Nspire CAS Handhelds
• unfastened on-line entry to applets and different sensible eTools that carry the maths to lifestyles

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Simplify R(x) 5 4(3x 1 10) 1 3(25x 1 200). J. Make a table of values for the function in part I, with the temperature in intervals of 5°, from 0° to 40°. How do the values compare with the values in each table you made in part A? How do the domains of f (x), g(x), and R(x) compare? K. How does temperature affect the daily revenue from cappuccinos sold? Reflecting L. Explain how the sum function, h(x), would be different if a) both f (x) and g(x) were increasing functions b) both f (x) and g(x) were decreasing functions M.

What are the domain and range of the inverse function? NEL Task Checklist ✔ Did you show all your steps? ✔ Did you draw and label your graphs accurately? ✔ Did you determine the age of the specimen that had 70% carbon-14 remaining? ✔ Did you explain your thinking clearly?

5) 5730 to model this situation and determine the age of a natural specimen? A. What percent of carbon is remaining for t 5 0? What does this mean in the context of Dr. Libby’s method? B. 5) table of values. t 5730 , using the given C. What is a reasonable domain for P(t)? What is a reasonable range? D. Determine the approximate age of a specimen, given that P(t) 5 70. E. Draw the graph of the inverse function. F. What information does the inverse function provide? G. What are the domain and range of the inverse function?

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