Pat O'Keefe's Advanced Kick Boxing (Martial Arts) PDF

By Pat O'Keefe

Designed to be elementary and transparent, it is a entire guide on kick boxing. It seeks to provide an explanation for every thing a kick boxer must recognize to enhance complex abilities within the recreation.

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65 55 Advanced Kick Boxing Swallow’s Turn Sweep This technique is also taken from judo and, again, it is a subtle and very effective way of dropping your man. Essentially it is a counter to your opponent’s sweep. 1) As your opponent performs an orthodox sweep on your front leg, pull back your foot, but do not remove your knee. (Fig. 66) 2) As his foot passes by, snap your foot back and follow his sweeping foot until you connect with it. (Fig. 67) 3) Now with as much hip movement as you can, sweep his attacking foot and down him.

64 Knockout Combinations Close-Range Knockouts Kill the body and the head will die! This is an old boxing maxim that has a lot going for it. In essence it means that if you hit the body hard, your opponent will drop his guard to protect his body and thereby leave his head exposed. The Three-Punch Kill: shovel hook – hook – cross Targets: liver – jaw – jaw When your opponent moves his rear elbow, either through an error in his guard or during the execution of a technique, you should: 1) Throw a powerful shovel hook to his liver (he will immediately drop his elbow to prevent you throwing another.

Fig. 57) 2) Move in fast and throw a deep sweep to his back leg with plenty of follow-through. (Fig. 58) The stop-hit works because in order to throw the cross, your opponent has to turn towards you, thus exposing his body to a snap lead leg front kick. If delivered strongly enough this will jar him and make him very vulnerable to the sweep. Heavy punching close-range fighters are made for this combination and you might even consider giving him the opening for the right cross by dropping your left hand.

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