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Best space opera books

Download e-book for kindle: Polity Agent (Ian Cormac, Book 4) by Neal Asher

From 8 hundred years sooner or later, a runcible gate is opened into the Polity and people coming via it were despatched especially to take the alien maker again to its domestic civilization within the Small Magellanic cloud. as soon as those refugees are thoroughly via, the gate itself is speedily close downbecause whatever alien is pursuing them.

The Demons at Rainbow Bridge (Quintara Marathon, Book 1) - download pdf or read online

3 empires existed in uneasy proximity within the recognized galaxy. all of them have something in common--demons. In a sector of house known as Rainbow Bridge, an trade scouting excursion has stumbled on a mysterious constitution with its mechanisms nonetheless functioning after unknown aeons. inside of are our bodies of 2 great, horned creatures, completely preserved--or are they alive?

Thomas DePrima's The Star Brotherhood PDF

Area Opera meets Horse Opera during this fast moving experience tale that includes the gap Command Intelligence undercover group headed via dealer Vyx. The group, brought in ebook four of the A Galaxy Unknown sequence, and with small roles in next books, is now featured of their personal tale as this AGU: SCI sequence kicks off.

David Drake, S. M. Stirling's The Hammer PDF

A monolithic laptop is utilizing normal Raj Whitehall to reunite the planet and begin humanity again at the street to technological success, yet armies of musket- and saber-wielding barbarians stand within the means.


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8 LOG TIME (S) Fig. 13. 8 LOG TIME (S) voltage decay for both the “O” and “l” states in a %! o M 3 2 I -- I I I I I I I %- 1 Vth (volts) O -1 -2 -3 10° 10’ 102 103 104 105 106 107 RETENTION TIME (see) Fig. 14. 2 NONVOLATILE MEMORY TECHNOLOGIES I-48 of the memory transistor. In floating gate structures, charge on the floating gate to be conducted to the the charge is stored in individual trap sites, only that be discharged. , the retention gradually gets worse, rather than exhibiting the catastrophic failure which can often occur with FLOTOX floating gate device structures.

The window initially shifts in the positive direction. The decay rate of the ‘1” state actually decreases with cycling, whereas that of the “O” state increases with cycling. Thus the impact of cycling on the retention of the “1” state is not a concern for long term data storage. These effects are illustrated in Fig. 5 for a transistor which has been cycled various numbers of timesTg. There exists a tradeoff in the number of times an SNOS transistor can be cycled and its retention. The degradation with cycling depends upon the write/erase pulse widths and voltage.

The production of these “hard” errors depends upon a combination of the electric field across the memory stack and the ionization track carrier density, with the threshold electric field for damage being inversely proportional to the LET (linear energy transfer) of the ions. For most SNOS memory stack structures under typical operating conditions, the threshold LET for the production of hard errors is -30 MeV/mg/cm2. 2 Thermal Effects Temperature affects both the write/erase characteristics and the threshold voltage decay of gives a smaller memory SNOS transistors74175 ~81@-g2.

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