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By Edward Winter

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Download e-book for kindle: The Sicilian Scheveningen: Sicilian : ...E6 and ...D6 by Gary Kasparov, Aleksander Nikitin

The Scheveningen is likely one of the so much very popular chess openings, that includes largely within the video games of Gary Kasparov and Aleksander Nikitin. all of the significant strains are coated in a few intensity, with lots of feedback for destiny parts of experimentation. Gary Kasparov is the present global Chess Champion and is the writer of "Batsford Chess Openings" and "Fighting Chess: video games and Career".

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Was very strong, because after 29 ... lic4, Black can hardly move. lie7 (D) w idea 14 lbxd4 'iff6) 13 ... tIe8. In this case, White is overextended; for example, 15 h3 f5! lixf5! lixf5lbxhl 20 d5lbg3!. lid3 'iff7 13l:tn lbge7 14 ~gl White keeps the bishop-pair and centre. Already this is a near-winning advantage. , since it gives him time for 'tlYd2, connecting rooks. lie3 secures a comfortable advantage. a6 17 l:ta2! lie6 23 h4 hS 24l:te3 b6 2S cS! bxcS 26 bxcS dxcS 27 dS. The point. Both of White's bishops are activated.

Xd6! This tactical shot crowns White's model strategy. 20 ••• b4 After 20 ... xd6 wins the queen. xa6! tLlc5 23 'iVf6, with two extra pawns as well as the better position. down White's main asset, his broad centre, and 11 exf5 tLle5! is effective. ••0-0!? If he wants to prevent d5, Black can play 8 ... xd4 f5 with ... tLlc6 to follow) 9 ... tLlc6, trying to bring about dynamic complications. Then White's best move is 10 'iVc3 (D). A. Ledger - Hebden Hastings (open) 199415 Theory has looked down upon 8...

Xe3 31 'iWxe3 fxgS 32 ~xgS ttJf7 33 ~e3 ttJeS 34 cS bxcS 3S iLxcs ~xfS 36 iLxa7 Wib1 + 37 ~g2 'iVxa2+ 38 ~g3 WixdS 39 iLd4 cS 0-1 Krasenkov - Kiselev USSR Ch semi-final, Moscow 1989 This move both restrains White's mobile pawn-centre and clears a square for the queen. Black has no need to open the position because he already has a weak point on c4 to focus on. fS ttJaS 23 dS Now c4 is protected, but White's pawns are immobile, including the backward e-pawn along the open file. Furthermore, e5 is a wonderful outpost, whereas if White's bishop strays, Black might put a knight on the other outpost on c5.

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