An Opening Repertoire for Black by Drazen Marovic & Bruno Parma PDF

By Drazen Marovic & Bruno Parma

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The Scheveningen is without doubt one of the such a lot very popular chess openings, that includes generally within the video games of Gary Kasparov and Aleksander Nikitin. the entire significant strains are coated in a few intensity, with lots of feedback for destiny components of experimentation. Gary Kasparov is the present international Chess Champion and is the writer of "Batsford Chess Openings" and "Fighting Chess: video games and Career".

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Bb2! Planning ... Bcl. 133 Bf4 Bcl134 Bd6 Bg5 135 Ba3 Bf6! 0-1 White resigned as he is in zugzwang. There are no good bishop moves, while any king move is met by ... Bb2. Example 64 Exceptions to Centurini's rule There are two exceptions to Centurini's rule that should be noted. Diagram 11 Exception to rule Diagram 12 (8) Exception to rule (Diagram 11) White's pawn is certainly advanced further than the zone, but the result is still a draw because Black's bishop cannot be driven off the long a1-h8 diagonal.

67 Bdl a3+ 68 Kal After 68 Kb3 Black can play either 68 ... Ba4+! or the less flashy 68 ... Bd5+. 68 ... Kd4 The next step is to plant the king on the c3-square. 69 Bb3 Ke3 (Diagram 16) 70 Ka2 70 Bd1 is slightly more resilient. Then 70 ... Be4 71 Bb3! is annoying, while 70 ... b3?? 71 Bxb3! is unforgivable. Instead 70 ... Bb5! is a good waiting move that places White is zugzwang: 71 Ka2 Bd3 72 Ba4 (or 72 Bb3 Bc4) 72 ... Bc2 reaches the game continuation. 70 ... Bb5 Threatening to exchange bishops with ...

Allows Black to set up an effective blockade. 58 ... Kf4! 59 Bdl (the only way to defend; 59 Be4 allows 59 ... Bc8! followed by ... Bxg4, drawing) 59 ... Bc6 (now Black just sits and waits) 60 Kg2 (trying to sneak round the edge; 60 Kel is met by 60 ... Ke3! 61 g5 Be8! followed by ... Kf4, rounding up the g5pawn) 60 ... Bd5 61 Kh3 Bc6 62 Kh4 Be8! (crucially preventing Kh5; 62 ... Bd5? loses to 63 Kh5 and g4-g5) 63 g5 Bf7 and White can make no further progress. Bd5 59 £4+ Kf6 60 Bd3 Bb3 (DiagraJll 14) 61 g5+!

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