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Respiratory Quotients Tables XXXV-XXXVI (From Robbins and Gavan, 1969) Twenty-seven rhesus monkeys were used ranging from infancy to middle age. They were fed Purina Monkey Chow as a routine diet. At TABLE Animal no. 6 Respiratory quotient avg. D. 84 Avg. 73 Avg. 80 a From Robbins and Gavan, 1969. Animals 1 through 6 are wild-born. 07 40 G. H. M. M. the next day. Q's. Bruhn (1934-1935) measured the respiratory quotient of six rhesus monkeys and compared it with that for mangabeys, baboons, gibbons, orangutans, and chimpanzees.

D. , 1970. ^Calculated value; based on 15 g hemoglobin concentration. 01. d Pa 0 2 ; arterial oxygen tension; PaCo2; arterial carbon dioxide tension. 40 TABLE XXXVIII Source Arterial Blood Gas and p H Data from Various Sources 3 Speciesb and No. Pa0 (mm Hg) Paco (mm Hg) pHa Tindall et a/. 03 Brooks et a/. 38 Lees et a/. 07 Banerjee et a/. 02 Forsyth et a/. 02 Values are means ± SD. R, rhesus; C, cynomolgus. c Calculated from available data. M. 7 artery catheter G. H. 2 Base excess, (mEq/liter) 43 1.

The blood pressure measurements were made using the cuff method. During the measurements the animal was held in the sitting position. The mean blood pressure of 14 normal monkeys (with cloth cuff) ranged from 137/112 to 188/152, group average 159/127. With the metal cuff, the group average was 118/90. G. Blood Pressure and Pule Rate in Chronically Restrained Rhesus Monkeys 1. 5 kg). The animals were restrained in a primate chair. 3 ^g/liter, respectively. These levels were statistically compatible with those of man as recorded by Wallace et a/.

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