Ann Leckie's Ancillary Sword (Imperial Radch, Book 2) PDF

By Ann Leckie

The sequel to Ancillary Justice, winner of the Hugo, Nebula, British technological know-how Fiction, Locus and Arthur C. Clarke Awards.

Breq is a soldier who was once a warship. as soon as a weapon of conquest controlling millions of minds, now she has just a unmarried physique and serves the emperor.

With a brand new send and a difficult staff, Breq is ordered to visit the one position within the galaxy she may a comply with pass: to Athoek Station to guard the kin of a lieutenant she as soon as knew - a lieutenant she murdered in chilly blood.

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They clearly had no idea what was going on, or what to do about it, and could sense only that the Merkaans, with their weapons in their hands, meant danger. To Dreen, they looked for all the world like ripe fruit, waiting to be picked. Ripe, juicy fruit. He would not give them a chance to recover from their surprise. Drawing his disruptor, he aimed it into a crowd at the edge of a stone fountain. There were screams, but he ignored them and activated the weapon. An intense burst of pale green force speared one of the colonists, creating a gaping hole in his middle that spread to his extremities in less than a second.

It was a full-fledged earthquake, one that made the captain's teeth grind together. Before it was over, Spock was announcing his readings "Twelve-point-four times the strength of the last tremor. " McCoy glanced at Kirk. He looked a bit pale-not exactly the picture of confidence. But he had too much respect for his friend to sound a retreat without his say-so. Frowning, the captain flipped open his communicator. " The helmsman's voice came through loud and clear. " There was a moment of hesitation, which the captain translated into surprise on Sulu's part.

Something... " he asked. The captain shrugged. " The Vulcan nodded and returned to his study of the invertebrates without giving the matter another thought. I guess he's getting used to his captain's whimsical behavior, Kirk thought. He took a moment to check in with Scotty and to inform him that there were now two parties for Lieutenant Kyle to keep track of. The engineer already knew about it, however-Kyle had noted the change in the configuration of communicator signals and informed him before Kirk could.

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