Auditory System: Physiology (CNS)· Behavioral Studies by Moshe Abeles, Göran Bredberg, Robert A. Butler, John H. PDF

By Moshe Abeles, Göran Bredberg, Robert A. Butler, John H. Casseday, John E. Desmedt, Irving T. Diamond, Solomon D. Erulkar, E. F. Evans, Jay M. Goldberg, Moise H. Goldstein, David M. Green, Ivan M. Hunter-Duvar, Lloyd A. Jeffress, William D. Neff, William A

nerve; thus, notwithstanding, they concluded that the recordings were from aberrant cells of the cochlear nucleus mendacity principal to the glial margin of the VIII nerve (GALAMBOS and DAVIS, 1948). the 1st winning recordmgs from fibres of the cochlear nerve have been made through TASAKI (1954) within the guinea pig. those classical yet inevitably constrained effects have been tremendously prolonged by means of ROSE, GALAMBOS, and HUGHES (1959) within the cat cochlear nucleus and through KATSUKI and colleagues (KATSUKI et at. , 1958, 1961, 1962) within the cat and monkey cochlear nerve. possibly the main major advancements were the advent of strategies for targeted keep watch over of the acoustic stimulus and the quantitative research of neuronal reaction styles, significantly by means of the laboratories of KIANG (e. g. GERSTEIN and KIANG, 1960; KIANG et at. , 1962b, 1965a, 1967) and ROSE (e. g. ROSE et at. , 1967; HIND et at. , 1967). those advancements have made attainable quite a few quanti­ tative investigations of the behaviour of consultant numbers of neurons at those degrees of the peripheral auditory method below a wide selection of stimulus stipulations. lots of the findings mentioned herein were acquired on anaesthetized cats. the place comparative information can be found, considerably related effects were bought in different mammalian species (e. g. guinea pig, monkey, rat). yes major changes were famous in lizards, frogs and fish as will be anticipate­ ed from different morphologies in their organs of listening to (e. g.

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6 and 16B. ) Waveforms beneath histograms obtained by linear addition of the two primary waveforms at fixed (arbitrary) amplitudes and of the same relative phase as in the stimulus, leading to the response indicated in the appropriate period histogram. (From GOBLICK and PFEIFFER, 1969) values. Interaction occurs over a range of relative intensities restricted to 20 to 30 dB. At each end of the range, the discharge pattern (as indicated by the period histogram) is dominated by the more effective tone.

B: Effect oflevel of stimulus on time-course (similar for tones and noise bursts). 50 msec noise burst beginning approx. 5 msec after zero time of PST, repetition rate: lO(sec. Relative signal level indicated above each PST histogram. , 1965a) 4. e. the discharges are "phase-locked": Fig. , 1967 in the monkey; FRISHKOPFF and GOLDSTEIN, 1963 in the bullfrog; FURUKAWA and ISHII, 1967 in the fish). , 1971; HIND, 1972). The probability of discharge of a fibre (irrespective of its OF) to a sufficiently intense low frequency tone appears to be a function of the displacement of the cochlear partition in one direction (Figs.

1973). A general survey of single unit behaviour in relation to the organization of the cochlear nucleus will therefore be attempted, before proceeding with a more detailed account which will seek to emphasise the major differences in unit properties between the cochlear nucleus and cochlear nerve. B. Organization The fibres of the cochlear nerve divide within the VCN into an anterior "ascending" branch which innervates the AVN, and a posterior or "descending" branch which innervates the PVN.

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