David A. McIntee's Autumn Mist (Dr. Who Series) PDF

By David A. McIntee

Certainly one of a brand new sequence of experience tales that includes the television technological know-how fiction hero, general practitioner Who.

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That was more than could be said for the houses around it, many of which had holes in the walls and collapsed ceilings. He found himself hoping the occupants had had the good sense to bugger off when the shooting started last night – partly because he doubted they deserved to be caught in the shelling, and partly because he now needed to steal some dry clothes. The main road through the town went straight over the bridge. As Fitz crossed it, shivering, he saw some American soldiers lounging around.

He’d barely finished the short bark when he realised Sam had jumped half out of her skin. Poor kid was probably more screwed up out here than he was, and all he did was go and act like a thug. . 42 In a lot of ways, that just made him more angry. At himself, this time. ‘Sorry. I just. . ’ ‘Yeah, I know. ’ He smiled sheepishly. ’ Suddenly there was an explosion of gunfire, and everyone in the jeep looked around fearfully. At the rear of the column the sound of gunfire was deafening, but the body of the column blocked any view of what was going on.

Worse still, he was very aware that if they decided he was an enemy, wearing their uniform, he would be shot out of hand rather than sent to a POW camp. All things considered, it looked like being best to sit tight for now.

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