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By Frantz Fanon

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9. Quoted in Sir Alan Burns, Colour Prejudice (London, Allen & Unwin, 1948), p. 101. Fanon 01 text 18 4/7/08 14:16:38 TH E NEGRO A ND LA NGU AGE 19 at the color of our skins. ” Ah, yes, as you can see, by calling on humanity, on the belief in dignity, on love, on charity, it would be easy to prove, or to win the admission, that the black is the equal of the white. But my purpose is quite different: What I want to do is help the black man to free himself of the arsenal of complexes that has been developed by the colonial environment.

The colonized is elevated above his jungle status in proportion to his adoption of the mother country’s cultural standards. He becomes whiter as he renounces his blackness, his jungle. In the French colonial army, and particularly in the Senegalese regiments, the black officers serve first of all as interpreters. They are used to convey the master’s orders to their fellows, and they too enjoy a certain position of honor. There is the city, there is the country. There is the capital, there is the province.

Leconte and A. Damey, Essai critique des nosographies psychiatriques actuelles. Fanon 01 text 4 4/7/08 14:16:36 INTRO D U CTIO N 5 And to declare in the tone of “it’s-all-my-fault” that what matters is the salvation of the soul is not worth the effort. There will be an authentic disalienation only to the degree to which things, in the most materialistic meaning of the word, will have been restored to their proper places. It is good form to introduce a work in psychology with a statement of its methodological point of view.

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