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By Chuck Wendig

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They’re self-hating, vile pollutants—they loathe the humans that created them, for they know they are unnatural. Description: The spirit looks like a length of human intestine, made of greasy black soot and smoke. Storytelling Hints: Punish the humans. Punish them for bringing you into this world. Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Wrath Attributes: Power 3, Finesse 3, Resistance 2 Willpower: 5 Initiative: 5 Defense: 3 Speed: 16 (species factor 10) Size: 3 Corpus: 5 Essence: 10 (10 max) Ban: A Black Smoke spirit cannot abide purified water.

He does this so to confuse any who might attack the buildings, because he knows such an attack is coming. These buildings are alarmingly well-fortified, and he and his “soldiers” know every nook and cranny. General Modifiers: Non-residents suffer a –2 to their Initiative scores while within the buildings themselves. Perception rolls are at –2 as well, at least out in the hallways and stairwells (the elevators, long-broken, have been removed and locked up tight, leaving the shafts for Jimarcus’ men to traverse alone).

She has a new pack, now, a gutter-punk crew of madmen, miscreants and murderers. Description: She was beautiful, once. Now she’s too thin, given over to ropy muscles and hard edges. Her dark eyes follow her prey, never blinking, and her teeth clench so hard they might snap. The most striking thing is what earned her her new name of Mare’s Tail: The top of her head, just north of the forehead, is hairless, scarred by a dark, mottled, almost tortoise-shell pattern. It’s where the silver bullet shattered her skull (thankfully failing to hit her brain).

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