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By Nigel Suckling

Nigel Suckling, one of many finest gurus on unicorns, leprechauns, and angels, has constructed a flavor for blood. Book of the Vampire is a stimulating and chilling examine world-wide and ages-old myths approximately blood-sucking creatures. The money owed diversity from South America’s Chupacabras to Malaysia’s penanggalan, whose disembodied flying heads terrified believers. Suckling starts off his inquiry with Bram Stoker, whose vintage Dracula revived a flagging curiosity between Victorians for dependent hosts with curious appetites. The publication digs deep into Stoker’s affects from historic cultures, together with the lamia and the succubus myths from Rome, Greece, and the center East, and in addition examines vampire myths from a non secular point of view. Bruce Pennington, a widely known and intensely renowned fable artist, contributes attractive illustrations that give a contribution to the Vampire attraction.

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APPENDICES 218 BIBLIOGRAPHY 223 INTRODUCTION FOR , LET ME TELL YOU, the vampire is known everywhere that men have been. In old Greece, in old Rome, in Germany, France and India, even in the Chersonese; and in China, so far from us in all ways, there even he is and people fear him to this day. He has followed the wake of the berserker Icelander, the devil-begotten Hun, the Slav, the Saxon, the Magyar. The vampire lives on and cannot die by the mere passing of time; he flourishes wherever he can fatten on the blood of the living.

Sometimes it was as if warm lips kissed me, and longer and more lovingly as they reached my throat, but there the caress fixed itself. ’ All is looking very grim when a champion arrives on the scene in the guise of an old friend and neighbour, General Spielsdorf, who happens to know a great deal about vampires because his own beloved foster-child had died after befriending someone who sounds suspiciously like Carmilla. Moreover, she had come to be the General’s guest in very similar circumstances, giving her name as Millarca.

There is, it’s true, a lively Scandinavian tradition of the marauding undead, people rising from their graves to molest the living (and Scandinavia is also home to a thriving tradition of werewolves), but as with the Scottish bloodsuckers they don’t much resemble what we think of as vampires. The traditions behind Ruthven, Varney and Dracula are clearly East European. Apart from this however, the mood of Va r n e y is right and from a dramatic beginning the story gallops recklessly ahead with all the elements one has come to expect from vampire tales.

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