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By Debra Doyle, James D. Macdonald

Galcen has fallen.  the gap strength is damaged and scattered. the planets of the previous Republic are speeding to make peace with the successful Mages.

All that is still is mopping up. Minor info. A privateer or , a couple of Adepts who stay alive and at the run, and the hereditary ruler of a dull planet.

Beka Rosselin-Metadi, the final Domina of misplaced Entibor, possesses little greater than a well-known identify and a well-known send. With them she needs to salvage what she will from the wreckage of the Republic. Her enemies are too many to count number, her pals too few to make a distinction. she will belief not anyone other than herself, her crew--and the family members she ran clear of years before.

Beka has assets few suspect: a hidden base, an extended forgotten oath, and a useless man's legacy. yet she has difficulties to boot; for in a universe long past mad, neither pals nor enemies are all that they could seem.

A play that started in treachery and blood years prior to has reached its ultimate act. A damaged galaxy could be sundered ceaselessly, in any other case made whole.

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Notice the flag. Almost inevitably flags originate as banners to follow into battle. Not always. " "There's the docility of the civilian populace," Stetson said. "It's axiomatic that this goes hand in glove with a powerful military and/or religious aristocracy which suppresses technological change. " "They're aristocrats, all right," Orne agreed. "Rule one in our book," Stetson said, "says that whenever you have a situation of haves and have-nots, then you have positions to be defended. That always means armies, whether you call them troops or police or guards.

Gienah was a nasty situation and he didn't like using an untested operative in such a place. It concerned him that this particular operative had been drafted into the I-A by a sector chief named Umbo Stetson. I draft him and I send him out to get killed, Stetson thought. He glanced across the bridge at Lewis Orne, now a junior I-A field operative with a maiden diploma. Trained . . and intelligent, but inexperienced. "We ought to scrape this planet clean of every living thing on it," Stetson muttered.

Orne tried to swallow in a dry throat. " "That's true," Orne said. "I like you, Orne," Tanub said. "You shall be one of my slaves. " Orne asked. " Tanub drew back and Orne saw the rifle muzzle come up. "You have one of their rifles," Orne said. "We don't pass around weapons. Our aim is to reduce the numbers of weapons throughout the . " Tanub said. "You are no match for us, Orne. We take the high path. Our prowess is great. We surpass all other creatures in cunning. " Orne asked. "Ha! They brought their ship into our reach because it had inferior tubes.

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