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By Colin Cremin

From broadsheet newspapers to tv exhibits and Hollywood motion pictures, capitalism is more and more known as a process dangerous to human lifestyles. Colin Cremin investigates why, regardless of this de-robing, capitalism is still a strong and seductive force.

Using materialist, psychoanalytic and linguistic techniques, Cremin exhibits how capitalism, nervousness and wish input right into a jointly aiding dating. He identifies 3 ways within which we're tied in to capitalism – via a social crucial for firm and pageant; via entertainment and intake; and during the depoliticisation of moral debate through govt and company.

Capitalism’s New Clothes is perfect for college students of sociology and for an individual apprehensive in regards to the ethics of capitalism or embarrassed by means of the enjoyments the method has afforded them.

“Slicing in the course of the evasions and double consider modern debts of enjoyment, Colin Cremin has produced a must-read textual content at the sociology of delight. available, penetrating, unmissable.” —Chris Rojek, Professor of Sociology & tradition, Brunel collage, West London

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