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The Sicilian Scheveningen: Sicilian : ...E6 and ...D6 by Gary Kasparov, Aleksander Nikitin PDF

The Scheveningen is among the such a lot very hot chess openings, that includes commonly within the video games of Gary Kasparov and Aleksander Nikitin. all of the significant strains are lined in a few intensity, with lots of feedback for destiny parts of experimentation. Gary Kasparov is the present international Chess Champion and is the writer of "Batsford Chess Openings" and "Fighting Chess: video games and Career".

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Qf4+ Kg7 Morozevich has been trying hard to generate some winning chances in a drawish position. But now he blunders horribly, he still had five minutes on the clock. Qxh4?? Qc7+ would probably have left him even pressing. Qe3! Suddenly white has to part with a piece and the game. Kd5 Ba7 01 Short against Topalov. Photo © Michiel Abeln. Nigel Short against Vesselin Topalov was a Svesnikov Sicilian in which black comfortably equalized. html (6 of 8)07/02/05 20:12:09 Corus Wijk aan Zee 2005 Round 6 Report the middlegame and ended up in difficult double rook endgame that he lost.

Kg1 Qg3+ 1/2-1/2 Morozevich held Vesselin Topalov with black. Photo © Michiel Abeln. Vesselin Topalov against Alexander Morozevich was a bit boring. Morozevich badly needed to score at least half a point today and he played quite solidly. When, early in the middlegame, Topalov just lost two tempi, the position became level and a draw was unavoidable. Michael Adams vs Peter Leko Round 7. Photo © Michiel Abeln. Peter Leko and Michael Adams played a strategical Ruy Lopez in which white obtained a fantastic outpost for his knight.

Photo © Michiel Ablen Vesselin Topalov put Alexander Grischuk under a lot of pressure in round 5. html (9 of 10)07/02/05 20:12:17 Corus Wijk aan Zee 2005 Round 5 Report moves) but somehow he held his position together and after first time control it was clear the position was drawn. html (10 of 10)07/02/05 20:12:17 Corus Wijk aan Zee 2005 Round 6 Report Corus Wijk aan Zee 2005 TWIC Coverage Shop Search LCC Home TWIC Home Chess Shop Chess Express Wijk aan Zee Round 6 21st January 2005 Michiel Abeln is on the spot in Wijk aan Zee.

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